Changes I made in month 1: 3 weeks no fast food, stopped drinking coffee every day and started drinking tea, went to acupuncture, got shots in knees for movement, bought a pool pass to start swimming, started using trace minerals in my water, walked 1 week every day for 15 min, went to a chiropractor, signed up for month #2 with Gayatri and Laura’s class. I tried really hard to talk myself out of it, gave in, and hired a housekeeper for self-care and reduce my daily stress level. One more thing I try to focus on. Quality; I have been focusing on making quality choices i.e. if I don’t have a choice and I’m at a fast-food restaurant I’ll choose a salad with no cheese, skip French fries. For some reason focusing on quality (best choice) instead of focusing on a complete diet and lifestyle change works well with my brain.”