If you’re interested in tracking your health from a data perspective, nutritional immunology and genetics can provide a lot of insight. Nutritional deficiencies or unbalanced nutrition intake can cause a weakened immune response which may lead to infectious diseases, cancer, or allergies. Many times, we focus too much attention on nutritional requirements during normal times, but we now understand that there are increased needs for specific nutrients in times of stress due to our immune response.  This means that both environmental stressors and nutritional deficiencies may play a role in how well your body reacts to or heals from certain situations. Another large player in your health is your genetic predispositions and gene expressions. Nutrients can affect which genes are expressed in your DNA so understanding your personal genetic pathways and making appropriate lifestyle changes can help you reduce your risk of developing certain diseases, metabolism issues, or hormonal imbalances. 

For testing your immunology & genetics, we may recommend the following tests:

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