What is Functional Nutrition?



What is Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy?

Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy is based on the integrated conceptual framework radial. The center of the radial represents individualized care. Our diet and unique genetic make-up play an influential role in health and disease and can greatly affect the five keys that make up the outer ring of the radial. These five keys are food, lifestyle & environment; systems biology; nutrition, signs & symptoms; metabolic pathways; and biomarkers.

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What is Nutritional Genomics?

Maybe it’s in your genes? Genes encode proteins such as enzymes, transporters, receptors, hormones, etc. which are involved in many biochemical pathways. I integrate nutritional genomic data, along with your history and functional lab biomarkers to create a specialized meal plan that works for you to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. Let’s work together to support your journey to improved health and wellness using nutrition coaching, supplementation, and functional lab testing.

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Nutritional genomics examines how the diet can influence gene expression and therefore increase or decrease the susceptibility to certain diseases. Since the Human Genome project in 2003, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) have been able to utilize genetic information to further the nutrition assessment, where only family history was used in the past to identify an increased risk to diseases.

“Nutritional Genomics concentrates on the effect our genes have on our risk of disease and dysfunction that can be mitigated by nutritional intervention, as well as the impact our food, nutrition, stress, and toxins have on the expression of our genes. It is the umbrella term that includes nutrigenetics, nutrigenomics, and nutritional epigenomics.

Nutrigenetics focuses on the impact the changes in our genes (also referred to as polymorphisms) have on our potential health path, which is strongly influenced by food, nutrition, stress, and toxins.

Nutrigenomics concentrates on the impact of diet and lifestyle factors, such as food, nutrition, stress, and toxins on gene expression.

Nutritional Epigenomics focuses on the changes in gene expression influenced by modifications to DNA and its associated proteins without changing the nucleotide sequence of DNA, where the genetic information is stored. These epigenomics changes affect gene expression and can also be inherited.”

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What is Functional Nutrition?