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Symptom-free For Life Membership:
Featuring The Root Cause Master Program

A gut-hormone-detox solution to help you get rid of brain fog, fatigue, bloating, and stomach discomfort for good so you can live symptom-free for life!

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A Total Health Transformation Program

Bringing you from fatigued to fabulous, foggy to focused, anxious to A-game, and bloated to better digestion in four months!

woman clutching stomach in pain with outline of digestive organs on white background

Have you been told that it’s “normal” to feel exhausted, but deep down you know there must be a better way to live?

Do you struggle with getting quality sleep?

Do you have unstable energy levels throughout the day?

Do you deal with uncomfortable digestive issues like cramping, diarrhea, or constipation?

Are you ready to have a stable energy level and experience clarity throughout the day? ​

The Symptom-free For Life Root Cause Master Program will help you focus on taking the right steps toward improving your mood, decreasing anxiety, and achieving mental clarity.

Upgrade your nutrition with a personalized diet and supplement plan based on your unique biochemistry. Not only will you get clear recommendations, but You’ll have the peer and professional support you need to take action and achieve your goals throughout the program.

Girl who is stress free and happy

Symptom-free For Life Membership:

Featuring The Root Cause Master Program

In The Root Cause Master Program You Will:

week zero

Start Your Adrenocortex (Stress Hormones), GI Effects (Stool) and ION (Nutrients) Lab Test Kits

Having these lab tests upfront will help you make more educated decisions during this 16 week program. However you can still get into action if your test results are not back yet. Combining lifestyle and your personalized supplement plan will result in a greater impact on balancing of your hormones, healing your gut, and supporting your liver detox than either by themselves.

Week one

Create Your Foundation for Health

Learn about the gut-hormone-detox connection and how it influences everything in your body.

woman laying on the floor yoga nidra
woman in silhouette dancing on the beach with a pink and purple sunset

Week two

Crushing Goals

Create your long term wellness vision to create your game plan, and achieve your highest potential. 

Week Three

Mastering Your Nutrition

Learn how to build a balanced plate to support adrenal stress hormones and set the stage for a healthy gut. 

man writing in food journal starting a diet with healthy foods on table

Week Four

Tips in the Kitchen

Reduce the overwhelm in the kitchen with simple, healthy, ready-to-go meals so you never have to stress about cooking.

Week Five

Optimizing Fiber and Carbs

Learn which fiber is best for your body to support optimal gut health, sustained energy, and reduced cravings.

Week six

Understanding My Protein Needs

Learn how to increase mental clarity, energy throughout the day, muscle strength, immune health, and optimal brain-hormone-toxin clearance.

Week Seven

The Skinny on Healthy Fats

Feel satisfied longer and reduce sugar cravings. Identify the healthiest fats for building healthy hormones, and more. 

Week Eight

Eating the Rainbow for Longevity

Unlock the secrets of the longevity rainbow to support a healthy detox system and reduce your overall risk of chronic conditions like cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Week Nine

The Role of Blood Sugar in Stress

Learn how to improve your stress resilience for balanced hormones and better gut-immune health.

Week Ten

Food and Mood

Kick your post-pandemic anxiety and depression to the curb. Learn which foods can help you create greater mental clarity and mood stability using food.

Week Eleven

Healing Leaky Gut

Learn how to optimize your immune health through the gut. Heal your brain fog, fatigue, food sensitives, and allergies.

Week twelve

Detoxing the Liver

Learn which foods keep you toxin free. Reduce your day-to-day toxic load and enhance toxin clearance so you can be free of brain fog, headaches, fatigue, and chemical sensitives. 

Week thirteen

Balancing the Oral Microbiome

Your daily oral care routine may not be enough, learn how you can remove harmful bacteria in the mouth for a healthier oral-gut ecosystem. 

Week fourteen

Activating the Vagus Nerve

Learn exercises and tools to support the rest and digest parasympathetic nervous system.

Week fifteen

Getting Physical

Experience the benefits of balanced exercise for increased energy and better brain, adrenal, digestive, and skin health. 

Week sixteen

Sleeping Better to Feel Better

Learn how to get the sleep you’ve been dreaming of to feel refreshed upon wakening and mentally sharp for your day. 


On top of all of that, when you leave a Google review of The Root Cause Master Program, you will get access to 4 bonus weeks!

let's dive into your bonuses


Staying Motivated and Empowered

Cultivate your inner drive to stay inspired and motivated to continue progressing towards your goals. 

Understanding Nutrition Claims

Feel empowered to choose foods that are healthy for you, based on their content not based on their claims.



Choosing the Best Supplements

Learn how to decipher quality from “crap”. Feel confident in choosing the highest grade supplements.

Attitude of Gratitude

Identify different forms of gratitude and incorporate a practice to refill your own cup.


You will get an adrenal hormone kit along with test results and an individualized supplement wellness plan by Gayatri.

Adrenocortex Stress Profile Test

Significant and long-term stressful events like death, divorce, childbirth, overworking, etc., can cause a major impact on adrenal health. When your adrenals are stressed for extended periods of time, hormones like cortisol increase and (eventually decline) along with DHEA over time. Your cortisol rhythm pattern can tell you a lot about your energy throughout the day and has a direct relationship with regulating your blood sugar and blood pressure. The result of this is feeling fatigued, wired-and-tired, sleep issues, anxiety, and brain fog. Imbalanced adrenal hormones can affect your sex hormones, thyroid hormones, and gut barrier, which downstream, can also overwhelm the liver detoxification system.  

Lab testing

The Adrenal Test

You will get a GI Effects Test kit along with your test results and an individualized  plan for gut healing by Gayatri.

GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test

This stool test assesses your digestive health on multiple levels including digestion, absorption, inflammation, immunity, infection, and the state of your gut microbiome. The results from this test provide actionable feedback that is used to personalize your gut health protocol.

The GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Profile can reveal important information about the root cause of many common gastrointestinal symptoms such as gas, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and constipation. In addition, Genova’s GI Effects test can be used to evaluate patients with a clinical history that suggests a gastrointestinal infection or dysbiosis.


Lab testing

The GI Effects Test

You will get an ION Test kit, test results, and an individualized supplement wellness plan by Gayatri.

The ION Profile with 40 Amino Acids

Over time, nutrient inadequacies can lead to a variety of health problems. ION testing assesses for imbalances in specific nutrients, which can guide personalized recommendations to improve your symptoms and your health.
This test offers a deep dive into your amino acids the building blocks for all proteins, fatty acids which your cells are all lined, toxic heavy metals, fat-soluble micronutrients, mitochondrial energy markers, neurotransmitters, gut microbes, and liver detox markers. Clinical indications for testing include: 
  • Mood Disorders (Depression/Anxiety)
  • Fatigue, Digestive Complaints
  • Chronic Pain/Inflammatory Conditions (Musculoskeletal, Migraine) 
  • Cardiovascular Risk
  • Weight Issues/Dietary Guidance
  • General Health and Sports Fitness Optimization

Lab testing

The ION Test

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Symptom-free for life Annual membership:
The Root cause master program


lab fees

The root cause master program


$1597 down
+ $389/month
lab fees

"Made major changes to my lifestyle"

Kate, who completed the Root-Cause Master Program, made major changes to her lifestyle.

She gained the energy to start walking more, quit fast-food, and made changes to her work/life balance.

With a better understanding of her nutrition and a fine-tuned supplement plan, she’s looking forward to living a longer, healthier life.

Kate d.

"Able to memorize, understand, and pick up on things quicker than I ever have before!"

I have been on the Adrenal Stress protocol for about three weeks and can already feel a difference with mental clarity. While studying for Organic Chemistry, I have been able to memorize, understand and pick up on things quicker than I ever have before!

Mackenzie S.

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lab fees


$1597 down
+ $389/month +
lab fees

There has never been a better time to be symptom-free for life... Go from fatigued to fabulous, foggy to focused, anxious to A-game, and bloated to better digestion!

Are we a good fit?

Should you join Symptom-fee For Life: The Root Cause Master Program?

Is this the right fit for you?

Let’s find out.

you are a great fit for THE Root Cause Master program if you:

Curious about what's covered in the root cause master program?

If you’re ready to stop playing small and start achieving everything you’ve ever wanted, I’m holding out my hand waiting for you to grab on.

This modules focus on the three main initiators of health: emotional stress, dietary stress, and inflammation. When these three are out of balance, you can have symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, depression, GI problems, and hormone imbalances. 

The goal is to focus on the foundations of health to provide you with the tools you need to improve your diet and lifestyle and support your overall health. The Root-Cause Master Program is a 16-week supportive group program including both live and recorded sessions. You will get one-on-one sessions for personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching while you wait for your lab results.

The program includes a supplement wellness plan based on your personal lab results and monthly follow-up support with your therapeutic supplements to ensure you achieve the results you are wanting. You’ll practice setting realistic goals for your health while learning about balancing the gut-brain-liver axis, macronutrients, stress management, gratitude, exercise, sleep hygiene, fiber, hydration, and more.

Start living with less chronic stress, more energy, and better digestion. Feel confident in your nutrition game, your supplement options, and your lifestyle choices.


Recorded modules open on Monday, October 17th, 2022 and will run for 16 weeks with a bonus 4 week module. These can be viewed anytime and you have access for a full year. The live Q&A sessions begin on Monday October 17th and will run every other week during the program with a break during the winter holiday. A live Q&A  schedule will be provided at the start of the program.

Registration opens September 19th and closes October 3rd. 


The program lasts 16 weeks with a special bonus month in January. 

This program is targeted at women in their 30’s and 40’s who are interested in resolving emotional stress, dietary stress, and hidden inflammation we uncover through functional lab diagnostics. However men and women of any age are welcome to join. This program will help you work through your personal stress or anxiety, start creating balanced meals for better nutrition for digestion along  with support for your liver detox system. 

Yes! Three lab test kits are included (Adrenocortex Stress Profile, GI Effects Stool, and ION nutrition test). There will be an additional ~$1150 lab fee for all 3 kits. These functional lab diagnostic kits are integral to program this program for personalization of your unique needs. You may add-on additional tests if desired for an additional read fee ($100 + the cost of the lab fee). 

The Adrenocortex ASP-CAR, GI effects stool test, and ION profile tests are essential foundational labs because it helps you identify how well your adrenal stress response is working, your gut is functioning and how well your your liver detox system is able to clear toxins from your body and the environment. You may add-on nutritional genomics testing by 3×4, Genetics comprehensive thyroid testing, Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth testing, MRT food sensitivity testing, and female hormone testing if desired. 

Yes! You will have one-on-one nutrition/lifestyle consults while waiting for the lab results along with access to the recording and the bi-monthly Q&A group coaching sessions.  

There is a combination of live and recorded sessions throughout the 16-week Root Cause Master Program. The education modules will be recorded and available for your full year membership while the live Q&A with the nutrition coach will be every other week from September 26th – January with a winter holiday break.  

Yes! You’ll learn how to choose quality supplements along with tips on how to know when to add a supplement. Individualized supplements recommendations will be provided in your Personalized Supplement Wellness Plan based on your lab test results. 

A welcome video will be sent to outline what to expect in the coming weeks along with a schedule for the live Q&A sessions. You will need to create a password to access the program in “Practice Better”, the platform delivering you the program.

The Live Q&A sessions will be recorded and distributed to the group participants only. The recordings will not be published publicly and will not be used for any other purpose. There will be an opportunity to be anonymous by using a pseudonym in Zoom. Participants can choose to have their camera turned off during the live Zoom sessions for even greater privacy, though we hope you will enjoy connecting with this community.  

There are no refunds! You may reschedule your monthly session within the same month should you need to, and I ask that you please give a 48 hr notice if you need to reschedule. Unused sessions can not be rolled over into the following month. Your membership ends exactly one year from the date you enroll and can be renewed at the current alumni annual membership rate. 

You may view the recorded modules on a computer, tablet, or phone. However, being in a noise-free location where you can engage is advised for the live group Q&A as well as the one-on-one calls. There are opportunities to interact in the group chat, a social thread feature within Practice Better. A  phone signal or wifi will be needed to access the portal/platform. Handouts and slides will be provided in pdf form for download.

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