Comprehensive Root Cause Analysis

Start here with for your initial session.

During your one-to-one Comprehensive Root Casuse Analysis session with Gayatri, you’ll have time to go into depth with your health timeline and history, understand potential root causes of your symptoms and get a personalized nutrition care plan with actionable steps to take toward reaching your health goals.
  • One 75-90 minute session over the phone.
  • Thorough work-up of your health history and system imbalances using comprehensive evaluation assessment questionnaires.
  • Education documents and sample test reports
  • Your personalized "Nutrition Care Plan" with a roadmap for your next actionable steps to determine root-causes of your symptoms and system imbalances.

Symptom Free For Life Annual Membership
with The Root Cause Master Program

Pair this package with a Root Cause Analysis

Take part in the top-tier program that will provide all of the support you need to complete your health journey. Through personalized individual sessions, you’ll feel confident in implementing your lifestyle upgrades and get rid of brain fog, fatigue and gut issues to be suymptom-free for life.

Remember the last time you committed to making a lifestyle change? Maybe you joined a program or started a new diet, maybe you even asked a health professional for guidance on improving your health. At first, you had results! You were feeling really good and thought that you’d finally found the answer to your health problems. However, as time passed and you reached your initial goals, your excitement about the new diet and motivation to continue dwindled. Eventually, the fatigue returned, anxiety increased again, and your tummy troubles resurfaced. Disappointed and defeated, you blamed yourself for failing the diet. The cycle ends here.

  • Two 45-minute lab review sessions of all 3 foundational lab tests addressing the 3 body systems: adrenal hormones, gastrointestinal stool analysis, nutrient profile (ION) + your genomic blueprint.
  • A personalized supplement wellness plan based on labs to outline your roadmap for success for the full year
  • Four 30-45 minute bi monhtly nuttrition follow up sessions on focused providing an individualized diet plan tailored to your needs.
  • Root Cause Master Program - 16 Week Recorded Sessions with Live Q&A Coaching
  • Test fees not included (~1150-1350). All test fees will be payable to the labs directly and include the adrenal stress profile, comprehensive gut/microbiome test, the micronutrient test, and an ancillary test (Nutritional genomics, SIBO, Boston Heart lipid profile, female hormones)
  • Prequisite: Requires a "Root Cause Analysis Session" prior to this package.

Nutrition Coaching & Meal Planning Support
with The Root Cause Master Program

All Sessions are with our Dietitian

Have you been dealing with stress, fatigue, or digestive symptoms? Were you recently diagnosed with GERD, IBS, SIBO, Hashimotos, histamine issues, or an autoimmune condition? This is perfect for you if you want to optimize your diet to maximize your energy and relief from gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. If you are getting no where with your doctor's cookie cutter nutrition advice and are wanting a deeper level of nutrition support this is the right place. This package focuses on just nutrition coaching and meal planning assistance along with the Root Cause Master Program (our newest program to inspire lifestyle change) with our Dietitian. This package features step by step Individualised support to tackle more complex elimination diets including a basic elimination diet, the low FODMAP diet, GERD, low histamine biphasic, and the autoimmune protocol. Nutrition/diet plan will be determined at the Comprehensive Root Cause Analysis initial session, based on condition and goals.
  • one-60-75 min Comprehensive Root Cause Analysis Initial Session
  • One - 60 min meal planning diet or lifestyle visit with our Dietitian
  • Five - 30 minute follow-up check-ins with our Dietitian
  • (A total of 7 sessions to be used up in ~3-4 months)
  • Includes meal planning assessment with diet/meal plan, food journaling feedback, wellness goals, and ongoing coaching support with handouts and activities
  • Enrollment in the NEW Root Cause Master Program:
  • 16 recorded weekly modules (4 months) wellness vision goals, oral microbiome, sleep, MMC, vagal nerve toning, VMT, supporting the liver/detox system
  • Bonus 5th month
  • Monthly live Q&A coaching sessions with the Nutrition Coach
  • Resource Library includes: slides, recordings, documents, activities, assessments, and access to online support and group chat

MRT Test with the LEAP Immuno-calm Elimination Diet Protocol

Support for chronic gastrointestinal conditions and food sensitivities

Ever feel like giving up on sharing meals with friends and family? Or wonder if you could just avoid food altogether it might be the only way to avoid symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, or brain fog? If you struggle with food sensitivities or a chronic gastrointestinal condition like irritable bowel syndrome, the LEAP Elimination diet protocol along with the mediator release test (MRT) is the best package to help you identify the food and lifestyle triggers that lead to uncomfortable symptoms. MRT testing give you an inside look at which foods you are sensitive to and producing an inflammatory response your body is. The lifestyle eating and performance (LEAP) immuno-calm anti-inflammatory diet protocol allows you to go through a step by step plan to first eliminate those foods, allowing your body a chance to rest and recover, and then reintroduce the necessary nutrients in a way that helps you avoid unwanted symptoms. By the end of the protocol, you’ll be feeling better and eating a wider variety of foods. Most people see results within the first week or two even though the process lasts 3-6 months.
  • One 60-minute Pre-LEAP preparation session
  • One 60-minute results session + meal planning
  • Four 30-minute follow-up sessions
  • Additional lab kit fee of $335 applies

ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet (5-Day Meal Kit)

Reboot your metabolim, digestive system and focus.

Kickstart your weight loss journey with the ProLon kit that includes 5 days of food, a specific protocol, and Q & A for ProLon FMD.
  • 1 box of ProLon (5-day meal kit)
  • One 15-minute call to discuss the protocol and Q&A

Adrenal Support Cleanse App-based Program

Complete the 28-Day Adrenal Support Cleanse to jumpstart healing your adrenal system

The adrenal system is your body’s way to work through a stressful situation. Each time you’re faced with stress, the adrenal glands push out hormones to help you handle the situation. For many, the body’s adrenal system is simply burnt out from months or years of stressors that overworked your ability to handle even smaller stress triggers. You’re left feeling the effects of adrenal burnout including fatigue, exhaustion, mindlessness, and possibly even physical signs like bone loss, chronic pain, or inflammation in the joints and body.
  • Customizable goals to help you stay on track
  • Daily food guides with 50 recipes
  • 4 weekly shopping lists
  • Daily motivational reminders
  • Professional supplement options
  • Accountability tracker
  • Direct contact with me so I can support you!

Learn more about your options for healing your gastrointestinal symptoms, stress triggers, brain fog, overall fatigue, and more. 

Free Webinar - "Symptom Free for Life" - The Gut-Hormone-Detox Solution!

This free webinar is for you if you want to:

Are you having health and digestive issues you just can't get ahead of? Are you confused with all the nutrition advice out there? Do you just want some support and guidance?
If you said yes to any of these questions... then this free webinar is for you!!!

Boost your mood and decrease anxiety. Gain mental clarity and get rid of brain fog. Achieve longer lasting energy throughout the day. Upgrade the quality and satisfaction of your meals. Have regular bowel movements and better digestion. Slide through difficult times with greater stress resilience. Get the best sleep you've had in years

  • Live Interactive Webinar - Coming Soon!
  • Expereince the Gut-Hormone-Detox Solution in action to be Symtom-free for Life!
  • Learn from our wellness and nutrition coach.
  • One 15 minute 1:1 session with Gayatri
  • Resources & handouts
  • Take a peek into some of the topics for our annual wellness program: Three foundational body systems, nutrition labels 101, balancing blood sugar, mindful eating, healing leaky gut, balancing the oral microbiome mindfulness, vagal nerve toning and support techniques, sleep support other lifestyle strategies, identifying quality supplements, and so much more!

“I reached out to Gayatri at a time when I had hit a very long plateau that I just couldn’t seem to shake. I felt like I was putting in so much effort to lose weight and nothing was working. She recommended a fast for me to start off with to help kickstart my weight loss. We then had multiple sessions where she gave me many useful tips and small changes I could make. After taking her tips into consideration, and completing the fast a few times, I have lost 12 pounds and am halfway to my goal – no more plateau. If you’re feeling stuck reach out to Gayatri!”


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