See what my clients are saying:

I have always lived a fairly healthy lifestyle but struggled with poor immune system, low energy and anxiety for years. I am so grateful to start learning what my body actually needs and heal my body in ways I didn’t realize I could. She is one of the most knowledgeable and supportive person I have met. I would recommend this and have recommended to several friends to find out about your body.


I was having several health challenges, especially with my skin and gut health. I wanted to work with someone to address the root causes of these issues, and that’s when I found Gayatri. I chose to work with her because she offers extensive testing that provided concrete information about what is going wrong in the body. The testing was very validating and informative. Each of my symptoms could be mapped to a cause that showed up in the results. We then could make a specific plan to work on each issue in turn. It has been just over a year since I started working with her, and I have really managed to turn my health around. All of my symptoms have been resolved or seriously diminished. I am still taking supplements for maintenance and liver health, but the bulk of the “work” feels behind me. I’m so grateful that I dedicated this last year to making these changes. The hardest part for me was definitely the dietary restrictions I needed to implement during the process, but I took comfort that, for me, they were temporary. At this point I am eating what I want and doing really well. I would recommend working with Gayatri if you feel ready to turn your health around! My advice is to commit to a year of really giving it your all and see what changes you can make. Good luck!


Gayatri is very friendly and scientific. She is easy to work with, and really cares about her clients. Before I found Gayatri, I was feeling quite bad with fatigue and brain fog and other symptoms. I had been through previous doctors, but felt like they were unable to really find and fix the roots of my problems. I was searching the internet and landed on one of Gayatri’s blog posts. I started reading more, and really got the feeling she knows this biology stuff quite well. She is also reasonably local to me, which I thought would help (which it has), even though she works fully phone-based. After a few initial meetings and lab tests, she identified some issues right away that previous doctors missed. Her treatment is very systematic, and has a concrete reason for every supplement she prescribes, while I felt like previous doctors were just guessing what might be the problem and what might help. I’m just a few months into her comprehensive plan for my recovery. While I’m still not doing well, at least I feel like we’re on the right track. Gayatri is comforting in acknowledging that healing takes time. I am hopeful to feel better in the future under her care.


One of the most knowledgeable and caring people I know. Goes above and beyond to make sure her clients get the best quality care. Every person is treated individually. Not a one size fit all that you see with today’s nutrition experts. It’s been an honor and a privilege to work with her. And am looking forward to the future with her. You’ve come to the right place if you want to optimize and improve your health


Thank you for taking such a detailed and systematic approach to diet! I appreciate the expertise I found here. Gayatri’s commitment to helping people with unique needs using labs and science based solutions is unparalleled.


Seeing first hand her passion and enthusiasm to help improve others’ health through nutrition, I highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking to get help from someone who actually cares.


I have been on the Adrenal Stress protocol for about three weeks and can already feel a difference with mental clarity. While studying for Organic Chemistry, I have been able to memorize, understand and pick up on things quicker than I ever have before!


Six months ago I was deathly ill with a host of digestive problems brought on by the chemicals in plant based meats, particularly Impossible Burgers. I had severe abdominal pain which prevented me from sleeping or engaging in any other of my normal daily activities. GI specialists performed numerous tests and ruled out tumors, lesions or any other identifiable medical condition. Desperate, I contacted 23 Nutrition Therapy which was recommended by a friend. A series of tests revealed that I had an imbalance of microbes and enzymes. Gayatri then put me on a special diet and a regimen of supplements specifically designed to regain that balance. Voila! I began feeling better within a day or two, and now, one month later, I actually feel NORMAL, a condition I thought I might never experience again. For anyone who has digestive problems which allude a medical diagnosis, contact Gayatri at 23 Nutrition Therapy. Like me, you might be amazed by the outcome.


Gayatri Salvidar does extremely comprehensive, long-term nutrition guidance that got to the bottom of my health problems.
I got a diagnosis of fatty liver disease about two years ago. I contacted Gayatri to figure out what was going on. Gayatri ordered comprehensive testing, which looked at my blood chemistry, gut chemistry, and hormone levels. Definitely the most thorough analysis of my internal chemistry ever. Some results surprised me – that stress and bad gut bacteria were hurting my health.
Gayatri went over my diet and made recommendations for changes. This was a major education – a nutrition 101 with the latest information on all aspects of diet. Gayatri then set up a multi-stage program to deal with my health issues. This involved several regimes of supplements. I am used to supplements having a barely noticeable effect. But Gayatri was recommending large doses of high quality supplements. These I definitely felt – they leveled my mood and improved my exercise performance.
I am having an excellent experience working with Gayatri, and I recommend her highly if you are looking for a solution to a particular health problem and want to really know what’s going on in your body.


I’ve been working with Gayatri now for a couple of years. She’s super passionate about what she does, a really good listener, and cares a lot about helping her clients to become their happiest and healthiest selves. When working with Gayatri, she considers all aspects of your life, not just diet alone, when figuring out how best to help you. She’s been amazing at helping me through brain fog and fatigue and I’ve feeling much, much better as a result. Really happy having her as a partner to support my health.


I reached out to Gayatri at a time when I had hit a very long plateau that I just couldn’t seem to shake. I felt like I was putting in so much effort to lose weight and nothing was working. She recommended a fast for me to start off with to help kickstart my weight loss, and we had multiple sessions after where she gave me many useful tips and small changes to make to help. After taking her tips into consideration, as well as doing the fast a few times, I have lost 12 pounds and am halfway to my goal – no more plateau. If you’re feeling stuck I would recommend reaching out to Gayatri!


Gayatri was a tremendous help for me when I really need it. She helped me reboot my GI tract through a variety of methods after she took the time to understand me and my eating habits holistically. As a data guy, I liked that her recommendations were data driven. She was always responsive and I thought her prices were fair. She also has great insight into what’s missing from many other services and products out there.


Gayatri is SO friendly and knowledgable! She really cares about everyone she encounters and gives you the attention and time you deserve. I have known Gayatri for over a year now and she has helped improve my gut health tremendously. I have learned so much from her and recommend her to all my friends and family. Thank you Gayatri, for all your help!


I really love the Adrenal Cleanse app-based program because it’s reminding me what do I need to do during the day to keep it up. Love the morning and evening reminders and I love to see how am I doing when looking at the chart. With so many things on our plates and with the challenging times feels good to get all the support! Also, it’s nice to start the day by being reminded of what you are grateful for! Brings a smile on my face when I count my blessings!


Gayatri is so knowledgeable and very responsive. She swiftly honed in on my specific issues and was able to explain the details. I learned more in the initial sessions with her than in years of searching for help with fatigue and gut issues. Well-organized and supportive apps. I highly recommend her.


Gayatri has an immense wealth of knowledge about nutrition support for healing digestive conditions and adrenal fatigue/dysfunction. I honestly don’t know where I would be without her help! She is an absolute rockstar. I highly recommend her to anybody seeking assistance with gut health issues, fatigue, and anxiety.


I have never had a good experience going to the doctor and even avoided going for years as a kid. When I continued having symptoms that my primary doctor again didn’t offer any advice or guidance about how to address a root cause, I reached out to Gayatri. And I am so glad I did! I feel more supported and empowered to seek help in becoming the healthiest version of myself. Gayatri has been such a great ally during a challenging time and was always available when I had questions. Her communication was great, but beyond that, she is honest and patient and I am so grateful for her guidance and expertise.


Gayatri is very knowledgeable and helpful. She was able to discover the sources behind my symptoms and prescribe me supplements to fix the problem. She also ordered tests for me to find out which foods were causing me inflammation and which foods were safe to eat. While I had to cut out a lot of foods, I still had plenty of choices to keep me full throughout the day and to eat food that still tastes good. I can say from my own experience that the closer you follow Gayatri’s plan the better you will feel. While it takes discipline to stay on a diet, Gayatri takes all of the thinking out of the equation so all I had to worry about was cooking and eating. I am in much better health than when I began using her services and I only expect to continue improving.


As a difficult client, Gayatri has never stopped to support me in any way she can. Her professionalism and responsibility speak volumes moreover her focus on helping me attain my goals has made me feel supported by her. Gayatri makes her clients feel comfortable and supported through frequent check ups, providing links, and ensuring her clients have the necessary information to educate themselves. I am currently in the process of completing my treatments with Gayatri due to gastric issues. Through time my severe nervous system/GI issues have improved at an astronomical rate with the help of the treatments with Gayatri. Even through virtual meet-ups, Gayatri is delivering results through her professionalism and focus. I fully recommend her to anyone seeking help or guidance with their health issues. Gayatri has a way of demonstrating to the client that she is there to support them in their own personal journey to health and wellness. Highly recommend her.


Changes I made in month 1: 3 weeks no fast food, stopped drinking coffee every day and started drinking tea, went to acupuncture, got shots in knees for movement, bought a pool pass to start swimming, started using trace minerals in my water, walked 1 week every day for 15 min, went to a chiropractor, signed up for month #2 with Gayatri and Laura’s class. I tried really hard to talk myself out of it, gave in, and hired a housekeeper for self-care and reduce my daily stress level. One more thing I try to focus on. Quality; I have been focusing on making quality choices i.e. if I don’t have a choice and I’m at a fast-food restaurant I’ll choose a salad with no cheese, skip French fries. For some reason focusing on quality (best choice) instead of focusing on a complete diet and lifestyle change works well with my brain.”




Upon diagnosis of a chronic GI disorder, I was overwhelmed with learning about the condition while feeling ill and dramatically modifying my diet. My wife and I were scrambling to figure out what to feed our family of 4, with my limited diet as the base of the meal. Gayatri was prepared, organized, and informative. She gave us customized goals and confidence that we can still enjoy food and eating as a family! She is passionate about nutrition and gave us hope when we were in crisis. She answered all of our questions and helped us put a plan into action. What a relief! We highly recommend her.

-N. K. R. Oakland, CA