Gayatri is very friendly and scientific. She is easy to work with, and really cares about her clients. Before I found Gayatri, I was feeling quite bad with fatigue and brain fog and other symptoms. I had been through previous doctors, but felt like they were unable to really find and fix the roots of my problems. I was searching the internet and landed on one of Gayatri’s blog posts. I started reading more, and really got the feeling she knows this biology stuff quite well. She is also reasonably local to me, which I thought would help (which it has), even though she works fully phone-based. After a few initial meetings and lab tests, she identified some issues right away that previous doctors missed. Her treatment is very systematic, and has a concrete reason for every supplement she prescribes, while I felt like previous doctors were just guessing what might be the problem and what might help. I’m just a few months into her comprehensive plan for my recovery. While I’m still not doing well, at least I feel like we’re on the right track. Gayatri is comforting in acknowledging that healing takes time. I am hopeful to feel better in the future under her care.