I was having several health challenges, especially with my skin and gut health. I wanted to work with someone to address the root causes of these issues, and that’s when I found Gayatri. I chose to work with her because she offers extensive testing that provided concrete information about what is going wrong in the body. The testing was very validating and informative. Each of my symptoms could be mapped to a cause that showed up in the results. We then could make a specific plan to work on each issue in turn. It has been just over a year since I started working with her, and I have really managed to turn my health around. All of my symptoms have been resolved or seriously diminished. I am still taking supplements for maintenance and liver health, but the bulk of the “work” feels behind me. I’m so grateful that I dedicated this last year to making these changes. The hardest part for me was definitely the dietary restrictions I needed to implement during the process, but I took comfort that, for me, they were temporary. At this point I am eating what I want and doing really well. I would recommend working with Gayatri if you feel ready to turn your health around! My advice is to commit to a year of really giving it your all and see what changes you can make. Good luck!