Six months ago I was deathly ill with a host of digestive problems brought on by the chemicals in plant based meats, particularly Impossible Burgers. I had severe abdominal pain which prevented me from sleeping or engaging in any other of my normal daily activities. GI specialists performed numerous tests and ruled out tumors, lesions or any other identifiable medical condition. Desperate, I contacted 23 Nutrition Therapy which was recommended by a friend. A series of tests revealed that I had an imbalance of microbes and enzymes. Gayatri then put me on a special diet and a regimen of supplements specifically designed to regain that balance. Voila! I began feeling better within a day or two, and now, one month later, I actually feel NORMAL, a condition I thought I might never experience again. For anyone who has digestive problems which allude a medical diagnosis, contact Gayatri at 23 Nutrition Therapy. Like me, you might be amazed by the outcome.