As a difficult client, Gayatri has never stopped to support me in any way she can. Her professionalism and responsibility speak volumes moreover her focus on helping me attain my goals has made me feel supported by her. Gayatri makes her clients feel comfortable and supported through frequent check ups, providing links, and ensuring her clients have the necessary information to educate themselves. I am currently in the process of completing my treatments with Gayatri due to gastric issues. Through time my severe nervous system/GI issues have improved at an astronomical rate with the help of the treatments with Gayatri. Even through virtual meet-ups, Gayatri is delivering results through her professionalism and focus. I fully recommend her to anyone seeking help or guidance with their health issues. Gayatri has a way of demonstrating to the client that she is there to support them in their own personal journey to health and wellness. Highly recommend her.