Gayatri Salvidar does extremely comprehensive, long-term nutrition guidance that got to the bottom of my health problems.
I got a diagnosis of fatty liver disease about two years ago. I contacted Gayatri to figure out what was going on. Gayatri ordered comprehensive testing, which looked at my blood chemistry, gut chemistry, and hormone levels. Definitely the most thorough analysis of my internal chemistry ever. Some results surprised me – that stress and bad gut bacteria were hurting my health.
Gayatri went over my diet and made recommendations for changes. This was a major education – a nutrition 101 with the latest information on all aspects of diet. Gayatri then set up a multi-stage program to deal with my health issues. This involved several regimes of supplements. I am used to supplements having a barely noticeable effect. But Gayatri was recommending large doses of high quality supplements. These I definitely felt – they leveled my mood and improved my exercise performance.
I am having an excellent experience working with Gayatri, and I recommend her highly if you are looking for a solution to a particular health problem and want to really know what’s going on in your body.