Sticking to a new lifestyle change regimen can feel daunting. We have all been there… It can be frustrating. You want to make these new changes, but it can be difficult to get motivated and to make it part of your daily routine. Sometimes life can get so busy that it feels like a new routine is the last thing on your mind. This article will explain some easy ways to make some lifestyle changes for better health.

I want to share some useful tips to help you stick to your lifestyle changes for better health on several levels. These tips include simplifying how to stick to a diet, taking supplements, drinking more water, exercise, and setting a bedtime routine. Starting small can make a big difference, and I am excited to be a part of this journey with you. 

How to stick with a diet

man writing in food journal with healthy foods on the table in front of himSo, let’s assume that you already have a meal plan and feel that you’re on the road to a completely new lifestyle and better health. (If you aren’t sure where to begin diet-wise, I can help you with your nutrition! Check out what you need to know about becoming a client here.) But we all know sticking to a new diet plan can definitely be easier said than done. For most people, one of the most difficult lifestyle changes for better health is learning how to stick with a diet. 

Here are some easy tricks to help you stay motivated and be prepared to stick with a diet: 

Not only knowing your goal but understanding the motivation behind it is key

One thing to note – when I say “diet” I am referring to your general way of eating, not “going on a diet.” There can be many different kinds of motivations for changing your eating habits.

Reminding yourself why you are making a change in your diet can help you stay on course. Whether the reason is to lose weight, have more energy, reduce your gastrointestinal symptoms, or improve your mood. The reasons are your motivation.

Making a detailed list of all the reasons why you are starting this new diet can help you stay on track when you are tempted to stray from it. Later, when you are reaching your goals, you will be able to look back and see what you have accomplished so far. Seeing your progress can serve as further motivation to continue these new habits. 

Practice mindful eating 

We are all guilty of taking a meal to our desks and eating while working. Do you find yourself feeling dissatisfied after this? Our attention is pulled away from our food and the fact that we are eating, which can leave us feeling hungry. Mindfulness is one of my favorite lifestyle changes to promote better gut health and it promotes better mental health and wellbeing as well. So, how do you practice mindful eating?

Practice mindful eating by making time to focus on your meal. Focus on the way it tastes, how it smells, and the way it feels as you eat. Engage with it by taking in its appearance and taking your time eating it. This will leave you feeling more satisfied after a meal and can help you stick with new lifestyle changes for better health.

Be prepared: pack food or eat before you go

Being on the go can make your prescribed diet difficult to stick to, especially if you are hungry and in a rush. We often find ourselves in this situation more than we would like. To avoid this, try packing a meal to-go, or eat before you leave.

Sometimes you may find yourself hungry and without a meal ready. Try to research the menus of restaurants in advance to figure out what you can eat to allow you to follow your protocol. This can be done by simply googling “healthy restaurants near me” and then reviewing the menu to find an option that suits your needs.

It is also really important not to undereat or starve yourself. Withholding food when you are hungry makes you much more likely to binge out later, and is also not good for your body. Undereating can also drop your blood sugar, leaving you out of balance. This can cause you to crave more refined carbohydrates, which can spike your blood sugar. This blood sugar rollercoaster can drastically impact your mood and how you feel throughout the day. Food is fuel and we need to refuel regularly. 

Have tasty substitutes for your favorite snacks ready

We all have our weaknesses for certain junk foods, and the temptation to indulge ourselves can be strong when we are feeling hungry. Having a healthier alternative ready to go can really help to keep yourself on track to success with making lifestyle changes for better health. 

Be sure to stock up on your favorite healthy snacks when you go to the grocery store each visit. Then when you get home, pack up individual portions into ziplock bags or Tupperware containers. Preparing your snacks in ziplock bags ready for you to grab and go will make them more accessible to you throughout the day. This way, you already have something in your belly before you can even think about running to the vending machine. 

Graphic describing my top 4 tips for sticking to a new diet planStaying organized with supplements 

If you’re one of my clients, you have probably received a wellness supplement plan that will support your health as you make these lifestyle changes for better health. But now that you have been prescribed supplements, what’s next? 

Adding a handful of supplements to your daily routine may feel like another large change in your life, and it can feel difficult to keep up with it all. Especially if you have multiple supplements to take or have to take them at different times of the day. Their different times and dosages can feel like a lot, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.

man holding a handful of supplements and a scoop of powder with a shaker bottle and a black backgroundHere are some great ways to stick to your recommended supplement protocol:

Place supplements in sight during mealtimes 

The first step to taking your supplements is remembering to take your supplements. We’ve all heard the saying “out of sight out of mind.” Using this philosophy, store your supplements in a place where you can see them during mealtimes. This will help keep them at the forefront of your mind to help to make sure you are taking your supplements regularly and on time. You may also want to print out your supplement schedule provided by your practitioner and keep it in sight on the fridge as a reminder.

Get a supplement organizer

It can feel overwhelming to remember which supplements to take and when to take it at any given moment. It can also be tedious to read each individual package or double check your wellness plan protocol to find out these details each time you need to take your supplements.

Print out your supplement schedule provided by your practitioner and use this as a cheat sheet to refill your organizers. You can also use a sharpie to write on the caps of the bottles to remind you of your dosage and timing. For example, you can write “2×3” if you are taking 2 capsules, 3 times a day.

Purchasing a supplement organizer (we recommend this one, it is only $13.99!) helps take the pressure off by keeping you organized. It saves a lot of time, and if you find yourself on the go, these organizers can be taken with you easily. 

Use alarms to remind you to take your supplements

A really helpful tool for sticking to your protocol is your phone! Let’s be honest, our phones go with us almost everywhere, and you may find yourself on it more often than you would like. You may even be reading this blog on your phone right now. I’m sure you never thought this would happen but guess what, I am recommending you use your phone even more! 

Sometimes we become busy and may forget to take our supplements. Scheduling reminders on your phone or computer can help to make sure that you are sticking to your prescribed treatment. You can even set several alarms if you need to.

Re-order your supplements early 

One of the worst things that can happen is that you have been successfully following your supplement protocol, and you go to take your next dose but- oh no! You ran out! This can feel like you have been derailed from your progress, and now you have to go without your supplements until they arrive. 

The best thing to do is to combine the above tips by purchasing 4 supplement organizers and arrange an entire one-month supply at once. Set a reminder to reorder your supplements from my online dispensary Fullscript at the end of week 3 or the beginning of week 4. Order next month’s supply and refill your pill organizers only once a month.


graphic describing my top 4 tips for staying organized with your supplements

Diet and supplements are only two parts of the equation when it comes to making lifestyle changes for better health. Stay tuned for the next blog post that will outline the other essential lifestyle changes for better health, staying hydrated, exercise, sleep, and mindfulness.

Do you need more personalized support when it comes to making lifestyle changes for better health? You don’t have to go through it alone. Schedule your free Nutrition Strategy call with me today to get started on your journey to improving your health through diet and lifestyle changes!