Elite Annual Membership

Take part in the elite annual membership that will provide all of the support you need to complete your health journey. With a combination of individual and group sessions, you’ll be confident in your lifestyle changes. 

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Elite Annual Membership

Remember the last time you committed to making a lifestyle change? Maybe you joined a program or started a new diet, maybe you even asked a health professional for guidance on improving your health. At first, you had results! You were feeling really good and thought that you’d finally found the answer to your health problems. However, as time passed and you reached your initial goals, your excitement about the new diet and motivation to continue dwindled. Eventually, you gained back the weight, the fatigue returned, and your tummy troubles resurfaced. Disappointed and defeated, you blamed yourself for failing the diet.

The cycle ends here.

You were not the problem with the last thing you tried. The problem is often that diets and programs only offer enough to get you started, but lack the support you need to keep it going! With the Elite Annual Membership, you’ll not only have initial lab testing, a truly individualized plan of action, lab review oversight with experts in functional medicine, customizable meal plans, and a supplement schedule to revamp your system. You’ll also get ongoing support with a combination of one-on-one follow-ups AND group coaching sessions.

  • Four 45-minute test consults
  • Twelve 30-minute individual follow up sessions
  • Twelve 30-minute monthly live group coaching sessions
  • Educational modules with diet and lifestyle support
  • Additional 30-minute follow up sessions for a member rate of $79
  • Lab review oversight with expert functional medicine professionals
  • 15% discount on all supplements as an Elite Member
  • Customizable Meal Plans
  • Unlimited secure messaging in a mobile app

“Gayatri was a tremendous help for me when I really needed it. She helped me reboot my GI tract through a variety of methods after taking time to understand me and my eating habits holistically. As a data guy, I liked that her recommendations were data-driven. She also has great insight into what’s missing from many other services and products out there.”

-Chris C.

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